Our office accepts most insurance plans for medically based evaluations and we will negotiate a rate for workers compensation and accident cases.  Please provide a copy of the insurance face sheet and patient demographics.  We are pleased to contact your patient directly to schedule a diagnostic interview.  You may contact our office manager at 352-243-5901 for further information.

Neuropsychological evaluations assist in:

  1. determining the extent of memory or cognitive deficits,
  2. organic vs. emotional symptomatology,
  3. deficits secondary to injury versus premorbid functioning,
  4. identification of disease process,
  5. expected outcome,
  6. as well as validity measures. 

The brain is mapped according to function.  Each function can then be mapped to specific regions of the brain.  As part of the comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation, we make:

  1. treatment recommendations,
  2. offer neurocognitive therapy and psychotherapy,
  3. participate in the Impairment Rating and
  4. in determining when maximum medical improvement has been achieved. 

Dr. Mason is experienced in both civil and criminal forensic processes and is recognized as an expert witness. We offer:

  1. consultation,
  2. evaluation,
  3. research
  4. deposition and
  5. testimony. 

Our neuropsychological evaluation consists of:

  1. Extensive Memory Testing
  2. Attention/Concentration/Alternating Attention/Divided Attention
  3. Executive Functioning
  4. Personality Testing
  5. Testing for Malingering
  6. Testing for Form and Spatial visual processing
  7. Depression/Anxiety
  8. Receptive and Expressive Language
  9. Intelligence
  10. Fine Motor Speed, Coordination and Strength

Subsequent to the diagnostic interview we will proceed with neuropsychological testing if indicated.  Approximately 3 weeks after the completion of testing, we will provide a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation including treatment recommendations.


  1. Medicare covers 80% of the cost of testing. 
  2. Balance of 20% is either self-pay or covered by supplemental insurance.
  3. Testing requires an initial diagnostic interview followed by approximately 6 hours of neuropsychological testing.
  4. Feedback session is offered and care is coordinated with the primary care physician or neurologist.
  5. Please call our office at 352-243-5901 for any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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